Registration and You: Preventing Spam

UPDATE (2008-06-22): We have opened commenting so registration is no longer required. Please feel free to leave us some comments!

We’re trying to be proactive about spam and site hijacking, so we’re requiring people to register.

Before you go “Umm, no…”, please read on. It’s actually important! :)

Here’s why: SPAM. If the site was left wide open so that anyone could post comments, the comments would fill up with junk advertising. It’s called “comment spam”, and all kinds of random crap finds its way into sites like ours. It’s a HUGE problem. Registration helps to combat this significantly. In fact, the site would eventually become totally unusable without registration!

How do you register? It’s very straightforward. Click HERE. Register with your desired login name and password and your email address. You’ll get an email from the website that confirms your registration and gives you a password. Come back to the site and log in with that information. That’s it! You can change your password later to something you prefer, or contact us to have us do it for you if you don’t know how or don’t want to figure it all out.

About your email address… Some people are (very rightfully) hesitant to give out their email address. We definitely understand that. We want you to know that we have ZERO interest in your email address other than the site’s registration system using it to register you. We won’t spam you ourselves at all (if you know Alex at ALL, you know how much he hate-hate-hates spam)… You’re only registering with THIS site, strictly and directly controlled by us, so you’re not signing up for anything else anywhere. Only for permission, as it were, to post here. We hope you understand. The ONLY time it might otherwise be used would be to notify you if the website was going to be down for a while, and when it was back up. We don’t expect there to be any major outages, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

We may eventually offer a “sign up for updates via email” option, too, so that could be another time your email address would/could be used… but you’d have to sign up for that here if/when we offered it, so you’d knowingly do that.

There are some important benefits you get by registering to use the new system… First you get to actually use the system!

It’s important to reiterate this point: if you don’t register, you won’t be able to participate in the site! Unregistered, you’ll still be able to read posts, and you’ll be able to see most of the pictures and written content…but you won’t be able submit comments or otherwise participate in the site. We may eventually make additional content (more pictures and other info) available to registered users only…stuff that we want friends and family to be able to access, but might not want to share with the entire Internet.

We wanted the ability to have a feedback system on the site so we could have open discussion among site visitors. Each little announcement we post here has a clickable header, that will take you to the article all by itself, and at the bottom of that announcement, there is an option to reply with a comment. We really do encourage you to try it out and use it. In fact, we’ve put a couple of small comments on some posts already so you can see how it works and what it looks like.

If for ANY reason you’re not comfortable with the registration process (it’s really, literally, a 20 second thing), let us know and we’ll take care of setting up registration for you. We want you to visit, and we want to hear from you and read your contributions, messages, etc, so we’re VERY happy to help you get started!

– Stacey and Alex

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