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Party postponed, everyone sick as dogs

That really says it all. Everyone’s sick with cold or flu or both, who knows. It’s terrible. Had a rash scare with Zachary that turned out not to be what they thought it might be (ITP). Birthday pics for Benjamin … Continue reading

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2007 is A New Year…

2006 ended well. Great Christmas, great to see everyone. Thanks again for the cards and gifts! Benjamin had a great time with all the paper and boxes, and even some fun with his new presents. ;) And 2007, so far, … Continue reading

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We’ve been busy, and so has Benjamin…

Benjamin’s had a few more good and interesting things happen to him over the last several days. They always seem to happen in clusters! So… our apologies for not posting in a while; he’s been a little under the weather, … Continue reading

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Better, then not so much

Well, he felt better for a day or so; his shot issue seems to have cleared up, which was a relief. He’s still teething, though, and you can tell he’s just not enjoying it at all. Poor little guy. :(

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Our boy’s not been feeling very well. He had his 6-month wellness check (with shots) on the 23rd. He’s developed either an internal bruise or a reaction to one of the shots, and coupled with the teething and the evolving … Continue reading

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A better day

Our boy seemed to be in much better spirits overall today. He’s still got some issues, but the poo seems to be returning to its natural golden color, and he seems a lot more peppy. Maybe he’s getting over it … Continue reading

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